We offer an annual French-language conference to the Canadian telecommunications people named Télécom 20XX since 2004. Our Télécom 2017, has seen a record attendance: 519 different people attendes one or the two days of the conference. Télécom 2018 has received almost 500 attendees.

This French-language conference is organized by Comtois & Carignan, Telecommunications Consultants. Since February 1999, more than 2,500 managers attended about 9,000 days of courses and conferences in Montreal and Quebec City.

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Our Upcoming Conference

Télécom 2019 (Montreal)

Our next French-speaking conference in Montreal will be held on 10-11 April 2019 at Château Royal in Laval to benefit from more space!
Télécom 2019 conference program should be available here late December (only available in French).